A monoprint is unique – a one off impression created using linseed oil based printing inks on a sheet of perspex or glass.

The image is created in reverse on the Perspex, using implements such as small and large wiry brushes, pencils or a palette knife. Then a layer of paper is put over the artwork and pressed down using fingernails, fingertips or a brush.

Re-inking may happen, or not, often after one or two attempts, the ink ‘settles’ and a useful image is created.

There are a number of ways to produce a monoprint, this is just one…

Monoprints are about experimentation and these, in particular, have further developed my interest in the Dorset landscape and are more about seeking out coastal forms and the feeling of the place.

These Monoprints have an antique white mount and white-washed frame.